Save Money, Save Energy

cold water laundry to save money

Want to use less energy in your home and save money at the same time?

Nothing is keeping your electric and gas bills from piling up in your mail box. Annual averages of home energy bills have topped $1600 making American energy consumers cringe in fear. Energy costs are only expected to increase by 9 percent in 2010 leaving fewer dollars available for other regular home costs.

Because of these stresses on home income nearly 30 million households find it impossible to afford to fully heat and cool their homes. Only you can prevent your costs from soaring skyward with a few simple easy preventative steps to lower energy costs.

The power is in consumers’ hands to lower energy bills by making simple changes in lifestyle and preventative steps can maximize these benefits.

Household chores like laundry can be the difference between a small energy bill and running for the hills.

Using coldwater washing detergents and settings can drastically improve your energy efficiency and save you annually $63 a year. By ensuring you are only washing full loads of clothing and dishes you can augment these savings drastically.

Showers are another utility saving practice and with budget friendly low flow showerheads water conservation can add up. Leaky faucets can also be an energy stealing and wasting nightmare so perform maintenance using a 24 hour plumber Townsville on water pipes and ensure that your water heater and hot water pipes are properly insulated with approved materials.

Not using your sprinkler system can also save a ton. And making sure the system is running correctly and there are no sprinkler blowout or other issues.

The simplest measures are sometimes the most effective. Remember your parents complaining that unused electrical appliances were left on or a sink left dripping? It is time to get that mentality back.

Leaving computers, stereos, and televisions on are some huge energy wasters along with leaving chargers plugged into outlets when not being used.

So let the next utility bill you receive be lower than the last and with these easy to follow steps it will be simple and effective.